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Where I’ve Been

Where Have i beenHey y’all. I know I’ve kind of fallen off the face of the internet here, so I just wanted to let you know I’m alive and well.

I’m trying to be in the moment with the boys which is a lot harder than I’d like to admit. I hear a lot of nonsense about inability for kids to focus or maintain attention. But the truth is, it takes some serious mental self-control for me to sit and play trains for longer than five minutes without hopping up to put something away, check my phone or work on one of my many, many projects.

Speaking of, I’ve been drawing. Ironically, I’ve been doing some fashion illustrations. I did not even know such a niche of art existed until I stumbled upon a few illustrators who I can’t get enough of. I’ve been following some of these artists on Instagram and they actually take my breath away. Just two of my favorites are Rongrong DeVoe and Melsy’s Illustrations, I love everything they do. Check em’ out, you won’t regret it.

I’ve been dabbling in different forms of painting over the last year or so from the medium I use to the subject I paint. I started with acrylic and then dabbled in oil painting. Every time I paint with oils I know I could be doing it better if I just knew how. It’s not nearly as straight-forward as acrylic. But there’s more depth to the oils and they definitely blend better.

But now, I’m all about the illustrations. I use copic markers for the flesh and watercolor for everything else. I’ve had a few turn out well enough and they are now available on Etsy or you can just view them under the handy new tab I’ve added to this site. Here’s one of my faves:

You Got This

One of the most puzzling things I’ve found in this journey is turning my art into a marketable product like a coffee mug or a tote bag. This is the part of the hamster-on-a-wheel process when I remind myself to just get back to the art. I have a long way to go to be able to sit down and draw someone who looks proportionate without leaving a mound of eraser flakes in my lap.

And then there’s the clothes. It is truly laughable that I would be wading into anything resembling “fashion illustration”. I am a jeans-wearing, converse-rocking, black-goes-with-everything kinda gal. Shopping has always been a drag due to some unfortunately placed “trouble spots” on my short frame and now with my added non-salary, it’s downright painful. Oh and children. Boys don’t like shopping, although Big Brother has become rather entertained by hiding among all the clothes racks. I think the employees at Target and TJMaxx really like that.

Anyway, I usually get the pose and hair nailed down on my illustration and then I have to stop before I realize I’m about to dress my gal in a black t-shirt and jeans…again. It actually takes some creativity to think of an interesting, flattering and original outfit. Oh right, and then jewelry. I always forget jewelry. But I’m getting better at it in real life.

So, that’s where I’ve been. Playing trains, overcoming bronchitis (did I mention that? Yes, I sound like I’ve been gargling rocks), illustrating and doing some free marketing for the annual consignment sale I help with.

Right, yes, that last bit…in my former life I worked in public relations and marketing and it’s still hard to turn off. Too many ideas and not enough hours in the day. More about that later. For now, both children are napping longer they have at the same time in weeks, so I’m going to go enjoy these short, quiet minutes. Til next time…

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  1. Olivia you are truly awesome ! I really do enjoy reading your blogs …. enjoy your moments while you have them alone !

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