Do you ever get that wanderlust feeling? I’ve been here and there but my travel Pinterest board is still pretty full of places I’d like to go. This is why I love it when my friends travel. Eposi Litumbe is a friend I met while I was living in Atlanta and thanks to the Internet we’ve managed to keep in touch. To be clear, she travels places, posts stunning pictures of her gorgeous self in the most diving locations and I stare at them open-mouthed at red lights.

She has a pretty cool story about her travels on her site

In her own words, “You see, when I first moved to Atlanta, Ga in 1998, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about living in America. This naive conclusion was based on my confidence in consuming almost the entire Cannon of American shows. I learned very quickly how unrealistic and misinformed I was. When people asked if I lived in trees in Africa, I wondered aloud where they got their information. From TV. The only depiction a lot of people had on Africans was what they saw on TV. All this reinforced my desire to spend my time and any extra money I saved traveling to African countries and filling my space online with videos of the beauty I knew, the stories I wanted to learn, and the histories I wanted to discover.”

Here is a her most recent video. Please head over to read about a young woman in biotech who is traveling the world.

About the Art

I’ve been meaning to paint Eposi for awhile, but I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to capture her beauty, the gorgeous clothes she’s usually wearing or the locations she travels to. My art is definitely limited by my skills and sometimes I don’t even know where to begin. This piece really doesn’t do her justice, but I have to start somewhere. I composited an image I found of her riding a camel and another one of her in this gorgeous dress. I personally like the sunglasses in this one – without them, the image could be from another time period.

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