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The Nautical Shelf: Another Pinterest Success

Pinterest SuccessOne time I made a dessert from a recipe I found on Pinterest. I’m pretty sure it gave us all diabetes on the spot. I hardly ever say there’s too much chocolate in something, but this recipe needed some work.

Ever since then, Ty is super skeptical when I want to do something I found on Pinterest. And this time, it was something I wanted him to do for me.

Now that he’s almost one year’s old, I’ve nearly done decorating Little Brother’s room. We painted the room before he was born and moved one of the rugs from our bedroom to his…and that’s about it. It took me five or six months to finish the simple paintings that now hang on his wall. Other than that, the walls have been bare. In my defense, the room has a lot more wall space than Big Brother’s and it’s taken me awhile to figure out what to do with it all.

Then I saw this picture of a nautical hanging shelf on Pinterest and was inspired. My mom passed on my grandfather’s woodworking equipment to Ty and he has put it to good use. We snagged a few wood pallets from my parents from one of their remodeling projects and voila!IMG_2937 IMG_2932

I know my grandfather would be completely tickled to know his son-in-law is using his equipment to make things like this. I hope this is something LB will hang on to throughout his life and maybe even use in his kids’ rooms. He may not, but my sentimental heart can hope.