Sweet 2016

2016When I think of 2016, I just keep thinking it’s like an excited teenage girl who’s finally allowed to wear makeup. It’s going to be a sweet year.

So far 2016 is fresh with only a few mistakes made while taking down our Christmas decorations.

I thought of at least 12 posts to write as soon as I said I was going to take a break from blogging during December. Now that it’s January, I’m blank. I promise to come up with some sort of method for remembering my brilliant ideas while simultaneously doing the grocery shopping and laundry.

I don’t really do new year’s resolutions. I like to make goals though. It helps me to focus on what I really want and then I have to de-clutter all the other things that don’t support that goal.

**and another thing – If you’re looking for a way to lose that one piece of paper you’ve been hanging on to for six months, the best way to do it is to clean off your desk. Having recently done this I am feeling a mixture of pleasure from my clean, well-lit desk and frustration at not having that one piece of paper.**

For 2016, I have decided I am going to focus on (drum-roll please) my kids. Sorry, was that a letdown? I actually thought I was going to write something else and then I remembered what I actually meant to write. How terrible is that?

What I mean is, I have a lot of goals and ambitions. But I noticed over the last few months how these extraneous goals distracted me mentally and therefore emotionally from the work I committed to when I quit my job. Hence the blogging break in December.

I stopped working a 9-5 to be with my kids – and because I couldn’t make enough money to justify paying for daycare – so I have been working on really being with my kids. That means, sitting on the rug and playing with a train for an hour. Sitting and watching my son’s favorite show and not looking at my phone. Playing in the sandbox (ok, I sit outside the sandbox, I’m too tall anyway).

Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you. But for my ever-moving mind, it takes some discipline. It takes discipline to leave the laundry, leave that text I forgot to send, ignore the sand on the floor and just be in the moment.

Having a living room that looks like it came straight from the Pottery Barn catalog is a goal…but it’s kinda low on the list. Especially because we have a sandbox. Being half-marathon-thin is a goal, but it’s kinda in the middle of the list since all that running takes me away from my family. Oh, it’ll happen. But I’m not going to stress about it. Being an artist is definitely a goal and it’s practically right underneath “focus on my kids” but I have decided to not let deadlines and goals I set for myself distract me from the two little people who need me the most.

I will have plenty of days and nights when they won’t need me (or want me, for that matter!) to be with them. And of course focusing on my kids doesn’t mean they come first, it just means that I’m going to be in the moment with them and not mentally ticking away at my to-do list.

My kids are funny. They are smart. They are ridiculous. And I enjoy being with them more when I focus on just being with them.