Mother’s Day with Young Children

Mothers Day 6After a particularly tearful nap negotiation session with my two-year old, I sent my mom a text inquiring what age my sister and I started appreciating her.

The idea of celebrating me on Mother’s Day feels a little like a farce with the weeks we’ve been having. My sons are smart, funny, loving and all-around pretty awesome, but…they’re young. My eldest is also really getting in the groove of being a two-year-old and all the challenges that come with that. My youngest is 6 months old and finally giving me more than 4 hours of sleep at a time at night.

Last year, we went to a restaurant for dinner. We ended up asking the waiter to box up our entree’s as our son was having an all-out meltdown and we needed to get out of there fast. This year, the plan is to go to the beach.

I should add that we “celebrate” me on Saturday before Mother’s Day. We are fortunate to have both of our parents in town, so we do something for both of our moms. Trying to add in a moment for me between church, lunch with his mom, nap and dinner with mine is basically out of the question.

I don’t mind though. I get to have the whole day to myself.

Except…well, I’m just having a hard time grasping how this is supposed to be special. It’s not like my kids can make me breakfast, and if they did I would probably have to clean it up. They’re not making me gifts…I’m pretty sure they don’t even know it’s a holiday.

Mother’s Day is about thanking mom for all she does, including, birthing, cooking, cleaning, clothing, teaching, carpooling, disciplining, crafting, and more.

I can hardly get my son to thank me for the milk I give him with breakfast every. single. day.

My mom told me that at this time in our lives, it’s more about teaching our kids about gratitude. Teaching that it’s important to take a special day for us (because everyday is kids day as I was informed one time in elementary school) and ways to express their gratitude.

“At this time in our lives, it’s more about teaching our kids about gratitude.”

Apparently, we started appreciating her around the time when we were in college. Unfortunately, that sounds about right. Something about not having her around making us grateful for all the stuff she did.

So, when I wish a happy Mother’s Day to the moms of “young children”, I think that includes kids under the age of 20. And to the rest of the moms out there, I hope your kids are making up for all the days you may have felt that Mother’s Day was another day of cooking, cleaning, clothing, teaching, carpooling, disciplining, crafting and more.


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  1. You are an amazing mama! SO real and honest:) Love you, Liv! So happy to follow your stories and thoughts. xoxo!

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