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Mocha Mommy Designs | An Etsy Shop Review

Mocha Mommy Designs EtsyIf you’re looking for fresh, clean art to spruce up your home, check out Mocha Mommy Designs on Etsy. I’ve been following this artist since she opened her online store in 2016 and am thrilled to have one of her pieces in my newly remodeled home.

I got a little too excited when Jesse Klickman asked if I’d write a review of her Mocha Mommy Designs Etsy shop. Kind of like when you buy a second-hand purse and find a twenty dollar bill inside. Ummm, yes please!

Jesse Klickman is the artist behind Mocha Mommy Designs and I know her personally. We church together. As in, she attends my church at a completely different time and I see her sometimes in the parking lot.

So, this will be a positive review. (Besides, I wouldn’t agree to review something if I didn’t like it. This is a positive corner of the internet, remember?)

The pieces you’ll find on the Mocha Mommy Designs Etsy store are fresh, modern and clean which is perfect for our home. Each print is available in up to 5 different sizes and can be printed from home, or from your favorite print shop. I love this because it means one less trip to the store and it’s super cheap (there, I said it). Most of her art pieces are under $5!

However, if you’re like me and want to be sure your purchase is going to print beautifully on nice paper (without yet another trip to the store), you can have it printed for you and shipped right to your door. This was my preference, and it worked perfectly. Everything was packaged carefully and I got my art in just a few days.

I really enjoyed browsing through her shop to pick my favorite piece. She has a collection of photographs featuring pineapples which are very “in” right now. I see them everywhere (lookin’ at you, Target).

I love my art piece, I had a very blank wall that I had no idea what to do with. It makes me happy every time I look at it and it matches my modern/antique style swimmingly.

My brother-in-law has a thing with pineapples and since it was his birthday, I decided to order him one as well. He loved it as I knew he would. He was so impressed with the photograph and kept coming up with new places to hang it.

Mocha Mommy Designs Etsy Store

A Few of My Favorite Things

The first piece I saw Jesse post last year is a design of coffee rings. I haven’t seen anything like it and it definitely caught my eye.

If inspirational quotes are your thing, you can find several pieces for your wall, your coffee or your wallet.

She also has a collection of children’s art. I almost decided to get some of these pieces since we really haven’t done anything to the boys’ room since they started sharing a room, but my commitment problems flared again. I can’t decide on a theme for them. I’m pretty sure Big Brother wants a fireball theme (no joke) and Little Brother wants a dragon theme. These are really conducive for night time, right?

Follow the Mocha Mommy Designs Facebook page to get updates on new pieces in the store and special promo codes for discounts. She has a special going right now for 20% off your order when you use the promo code SAVE20. If you need more than my word, check out her Etsy reviews. She has nearly 60 5-star reviews and I’m pretty sure they’re not all friends from church. 🙂