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Just for Fun – Fantasy Career

Just for fun, imagine you could have any career, a fantasy career. You could just jump in to it with all the experience and training you would need to be successful today. What would it be? What would you do? A singer? An author? A pilot? I’m genuinely curious.

In a former life I worked the morning shift at Starbucks. It was fun and it was early. It was hard work and easy work and definitely a much-needed paycheck. I know owning a cafe or a restaurant like that is a 24-hour job but even so, I have fantasized about opening up my own shop. At one point, I was checking out locations and researching equipment. Even now, I sometimes catch myself driving around my community keeping an eye out for a good location.

In my fantasy I open around 9 a.m., have regular customers and can basically just hang out making coffee and chatting with my friends. I’m also a little thinner and my kids are all living on their own in college. But I’m also in my 30s. Fantasy life doesn’t have to make sense.

So, basically it is nothing resembling reality.

What is your fantasy career? I sometimes let my mind take this journey to let myself discover what the heart desires. It isn’t an escape from my real life motherhood career and as an aspiring artist, but sometimes it’s good to ask your heart the question and listen for the answer.

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If you haven’t seen “Stranger Than Fiction” with Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal you should. Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and (wait for it) Queen Latifah are also part of the cast. Admit it, you’re intrigued.

She owns a bakery and is being audited by Will Ferrell. Ty thinks their relationship is like ours which says more about his organization and love of tracking money than my creative flair.