Inspiring Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

In this time of sharing, I thought it was only appropriate to share some of the inspiring illustrators I follow on Instagram. These women are talented, hard-working and incredibly creative. They have online stores, so check out their prints, mugs and art to warm your home…or your Instagram feed.


Inslee Fariss is a watercolor artist and was the first fashion illustrator I saw and fell in love with her work. She has a desk calendar out right now you should check out. Her work is whimsical, detailed and honest.  Check her out at

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RongRong Devoe Illustration

I have started too many sentences with “Let me show you what RongRong does” and then pulling up her Instagram feed or Etsy store to show Ty. I recently took her fashion illustration workshop online and I loved listening to her walk through her process in how she completes her pieces. Her work is effortless, but I know that it’s supported with years of practice, diligence and imagintion. One thing I love from following her through the years is to see how her own style continues to evolve and change. It’s inspiring to me to visually see how one just gets better over time since that’s basically what I’m trying to do. Her art is available online and is now at TJ Maxx, so check her out! Etsy store:


Ok, so Chelsea Baugh’s not a fashion illustrator, but I couldn’t leave her off the list. Her abstract paintings are so. gorgeous. She loves fuschia and metal accents, everything is light and happy. Shop online at


Holly Nichols is a boston-based illustrator who is…incredible. She shares videos of her creations on Instagram and I sat with my two nieces mesmerized while we watched them during Thanksgiving. I mean, her work is just stunning. Check out her shop:


Jamel Saliba is one of the first artists whose work stood out to me as a fashion illustrator. It’s sassy and gorgeous and original. Her work is available is so many forms – mugs, prints, cell phone cases, you name it! She’s a self-taught artist who left her 9 – 5 job to pursue something she loves in her art. It sounds like a movie to me, but I know she has worked hard to make her dream a reality. It’s inspiring to me to see an illustrator succeed in the way she has. Check out her Etsy shop:

I hope you check out these artists and share with me who inspires you! There is so much online that troubles my heart which is why it’s so important to share what brings joy and can make your heart light. Um, also, I have an Etsy store. I am still in the beginning of my art journey but I know I’ve come a long way. I’m so appreciative to every friend and stranger who has purchased my calendar and mugs. I hope they bring you joy all year long. If you are looking for a gift, check out my calendar or any of the other shops I’ve shared today.

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