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I Still Love FriYay

I don’t work a Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 job and yet I still love FriYay. What is FriYay, you ask? It’s Friday and we say Yay! This is a new term I’m learning from Instagram because I’m kind of old – not a millenial and not Gen X. I’m a little lost. But that’s a musing for another post.

This is about FriYay and y’all, I’m going to be back at this job tomorrow morning and every day for the rest of my life but tomorrow my amazing husband will be home and I’ll get to sleep in (which is to say I’ll only be woken up a few times) and it’s going to be glorious. This “week” is almost “over”!

My young boys are awake with the sun and…well, I’m not. My body may get up after having been kneed in the stomach a few times, but my mind isn’t really alert for two to three hours after I’ve been awake. And before you judge, I feel this way whether I’ve had only water the previous day or…other liquids. My body is just stuck in middle school (in so many ways).

But Friday is the day before Saturday and that’s the day I don’t have to be “on” the first moment I open my eyes.

My husband will be sleeping in too, so don’t cry for him quite yet. He is usually up at 4 a.m. so to sleep until 7 a.m. is pretty perfect for him. Anything beyond that and he feels as though the day is half over.

Enjoy your Friday, mine is going to be glorious.

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