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I Love Canva

Untitled design (2)I am an amateur at almost everything. Thanks to Canva, I’m now dabbling in graphic design. I first read about it from an article on PRNews and have been using it for images on this website and most recently, to develop an invitation for an event to raise funds for Lighthouse Central Florida.

It is a quick, online resource for those who understand the value in an eye-catching image but without the software or educational experience to design it from scratch. The website offers dynamic backgrounds, stock images, fonts and other layout illustrations to make your images stand out.

You can choose from the many free options available or pay a nominal fee to download and use other images and layouts. It’s much like but much faster. While PicMonkey has many images, layers, backgrounds and fonts, it is slow as molasses. Maybe it’s just my computer, but with PicMonkey, I click on a layer or make a small font change and could probably make a sandwich before the changes show up. This makes it difficult for re-positioning anything as there’s such a long delay.

Canva also offers a “design school” to show quick tips on how to create those eye-catching images you’re looking for. The blog’s categories include infographic design, creativity & psychology, design inspiration and more. Clearly, I really can’t say enough about how helpful this is for someone who knows the importance of design but who doesn’t have an in-house graphic designer. It’s perfect for a small business or anyone developing pieces for online or in-print use. Their “stream” is a great trove of examples of how other designers use their pieces to create materials.

The only thing I haven’t figured out how to do is create something that can be printed double-sided. But I’ll bet it’s coming soon!