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I Am Superwoman

I wanted to post this as a dedication to all the women I think of when I hear this song. It’s a long, long, long list of incredible women I’ve known for a reason and for a season.

But I know how easy it is to hear a compliment, brush it off and turn it around. “No, really, you’re amazing,” I say and I sincerely mean it. My flaws are overpowering in front of me, piling up in the dryer, the sink and in the corners of our living room. I wear them on my head, around my waist and in my car. I hear my flaws in the grocery store, as we try to get out of the house and the first thing in the morning after receiving a string of requests before I have even put in my contacts.

It comes easily to me to sit on the phone with my mom and expound with incredulity how wonderful she is, the important work she is doing and the progress she’s making. I laugh when Ty walks by and says “It sounds like what I say to you, honey!”

I have a playlist I listen to when I run and this song is toward the end. It helps me keep going by the empowering message reassuring me that I really can do it. But like I said, I always think of other women. So, yes, I dedicate this to you, my working-mother friend, my stay-at-home-mom friend, my mother and her friends, my sister, my ladies-in-law, my neighbor, my boss, my nurse friend, my teacher friend, my friend with all the children, my friend waiting on children, my friends who make a difference by living the best, most authentic life they can for God.

And I suppose it’s for me to. After all, it’s written in the first person. So, let’s make a deal – I’ll listen to this like it’s about me if you’ll do the same. It may take a few playbacks, but I think we can do it. And pass it on to whoever you know who needs to be reminded that she’s Superwoman.