Hanging In There

I doubt anyone ever looks at me and thinks “wow, how does she do it?” Rather, I’m pretty sure I’m the poster mom for “hanging in there”.

I bought new socks so at least part of my outfit would match when I was at home and they immediately got divorced in their first wash, so I’m back to mismatched clothes AND socks.

I got an Urban Decay eye shadow palette for my birthday so I can look like a grown up. Now I fear I always look like I have two black eyes. I asked Ty how my eye shadow looked and he said I needed more on the lid but I should even out the eye shadow under my eyes. I explained those were dark circles.

I have started using concealer under my eyes.

I gained less weight with this child than either of my boys by about 10 lobs. However, I still cannot wear my jeans. Instead, I may never retire my Jessica Simpson jean shorts because they are faded just right so I don’t look too old but not too young and they don’t give me a muffin top. Long live the elastic belly band.

I’m going to leave out my commentary on the struggles I’ve been having with my sons because what happens on the internet stays on the internet and I love them. I’ll just say we are having lots of talks about self control, obedience and good attitudes. I’m sure you know just what I mean.

My newly remodeled kitchen is always messy. We have fruit flies that never seem to go away and I can’t blame them for hanging around. There’s usually always food out because I am constantly making someone a snack.

Sometimes I just want to scream or cry, but I don’t even have the energy to expend the emotion. If I find myself in a rare quiet moment, I just stare stupidly in to space trying to absorb the silence.

But my kids are fed, I am (generally) nice to my husband and…well, that’s it. Those two things are about all I can handle right now*.

So when you see my unpolished toe nails, please know that I’m aware they look terrible. I probably intended to update my foot look the previous night, but instead I chose to brush my teeth and fall asleep the moment my little people gave up on pulling an all-nighter.


*Authenticity Check: This post was written on my phone while a newborn slept on me, not in the dewy dawn overlooking a grassy field while sipping hot coffee.

3 thoughts on “Hanging In There

  1. I always look at you and think, “how does she do it?”!!! I feel like I’m barely keeping it together with just one baby! You’re doing great, and you certainly have not lost your humor. Thank you for making me laugh. 🙂

  2. Love love love your real!! Thank you!
    Life is so very messy, difficult, fun, overwhelming, scary, lost, fluid, dirty, tiring and interesting.
    Love your story, love your truths!!!
    Please know I sooooo feel you girl.
    I had 3 girls, one with special needs and this post rocks the truth of parenting.
    Thank you.
    Bteathe……breathe….. Keep breathing

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