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Go Gators!

Football season starts tomorrow and I’m all pumped and “Go Gators!”….in my heart. In real life, I’m getting ready to take the kids to school and just hoping we can get the game on for a few minutes tomorrow. I haven’t watched a full football game since I lived in Atlanta 10 years ago and we were National Champions. Somehow, between kids and socializing with folks who (gasp!) aren’t Gators, the games just lost their intensity for me.

And yet, I  am so excited for the football season! I love the sound of a football game on TV, the bean dip, high-fiving my brother-in-law during that one play I happened to be watching, it’s all fun for me. And now, I can introduce it to my kids. We haven’t taken them to Gainesville yet, but I have been dreaming about their faces as we walk into that stadium.

I know, I can hear read myself. I’m creating this huge expectation that my kids are going to love the University of Florida, football and the Gators. The fact is…they could be Seminoles. That’s ok. But if they want to be Dawgs, they better get a scholarship cause mama ain’t paying for an out-of-state tuition.

But my eldest is only four, so we have some time to work on that :).

If you’re in college now or are planning what it will be like, know this – it’s pretty awesome. Some of the best friends I have now are friends I made in college. I believe that college is also a great place to bridge the racial issues we have in our country. It’s a place for discussion, learning from others, meeting new people and preparing for a career (can’t forget that last one). It was where I learned how to spend my first paycheck (buying lightbulbs) how to start paying for my own bills, jump a car and dress for the swamp (tank tops all day, every day).

But enough about my nostalgia, here’s to the Gators, to the SEC and to another great football season! Go Gators!

About the Art

If you’ve spent five minutes in Gainesville, you know why I had to paint my gals in tank tops. My first summer there, I had to go out and buy a whole bunch of tank tops because it is so blistering hot. My mom tells me how the girls would wear hose to the games and the guys would wear suits and ties back when she was in college. The idea of wearing hose to a football game in Gainesville gives me major anxiety. Then again, my first dorm didn’t have air conditioning and I didn’t die, so who knows what else I’m capable of?

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