First, thank you so much for subscribing and joining me as we walk through God’s word this year! I have been a Christian for 22 years and an artist for 6-ish years. I have been hesitant to pair my art with scriptures (which now seems dumb) because I know how carefully we must study the word. To that end, the purpose of this Bible study is to learn these scriptures in context of the written text, the history and the ultimate story God has written.

Secondly, it is important to note that this Bible study will be written with the understanding that the Bible is God’s Holy, written word. Perhaps that may seem like something that doesn’t need to be said, but it holds the doctrine for our lives within it. Most of the scriptures in your calendar are from the NIV translation, but I encourage you to study these out with different translations to better understand the message. It’s ok to ask God questions about His word. It’s ok to inquire further, to investigate the accuracy of what is written. I encourage you to do so.

There are a few video series I suggest checking out for further edification and research. My friend, Jon Sherwood, is a minister in Asheville, NC., and has put together a series of short videos on How to Read the Bible. Each video is between 5-to-10 minutes long – perfect for those with a short attention span. These are also great for watching with a friend who has questions about the validity of the Bible. For those who want to dig even deeper, I recommend this series on evidence for the Bible from Mike Winger. I humorously refer to Mike as my YouTube minister. His videos have been really beneficial for helping me look at the scriptures deeper, cross-referencing what is there and backing it up with historical documents that further support what is true. This is a really great study, these are videos you can watch at your leisure, while you exercise, run, whatever.

If the Bible is God’s Holy word, then we must study it. We must know it. We must obey it and not be ashamed of it.

And yes, I’m only growing more intense as I age. So prayers for my husband and children will be much appreciated.

For each Bible study, I will encourage you to read the whole chapter and even the whole book the verse is in. Read it with goal of understanding

  • why the author wrote it
  • what God reveals to us about who He is in the passage
  • what it means for our lives

Lastly, I want to hear from you! The older I get the more I realize I don’t know, so if I’m missing something, have it totally wrong or if you just have something to add, please send me a message! I’m hoping to get the whole study on my site as we go, so you can have an opportunity to comment online and we can discuss these topics.

Again, I am so glad to have you hear, I pray this study will be beneficial to you.