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Because I Said So

Because I said soI am gaining a new understanding for the exasperated phrase “because I said so”. Big Brother is exploring the world of “why” and it’s wonderful because he’s curious and it’s only annoying when he says it as a habit without really listening to the answer. I honestly don’t remember my mom using the well-known phrase as often as you see in pop culture. I kinda thought it was the lazy way out of answering your children.

Nope. Sometimes the reason “why” we live at home is just because. The reason “why” we are going inside is because. The reason “why” we pee-pee in the potty is because I said so.

It’s also the title of one of my favorite movies. I watched this with my family one night, super-pumped for my mom to see it because it reminded me so much of my relationship with her. No, she would never place an ad to find me a boyfriend (but that would have been interesting!), but I always see flashes of her when I watch the lovely Diane Keaton. When the movie came out, I was also a little like Mandy Moore’s character, a little lost and a lot awkward. My favorite scene is when they are making dinner for themselves in their respective houses and each action is identical down to how they sprinkle Parmesan on their pasta.

Diane’s character is a little nutty and quite controlling, so I’m not sure my mom appreciated the comparison. But she really cares about her daughters and that’s what always shines through to me. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great movie for a rough day or a reminder that it’s ok to say “because I said so” from time to time.

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