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Back to School Nightmares

To say I’m having back to school nightmares is probably pretty dramatic – which is to say it’s on par for my communication style. I have been luxuriating in the glorious non-schedule of the summer. Not every moment has been a peaceful picnic – like the many times I’ve been the mom of three screaming kids at Aldi, the days when no one naps and the many evenings my six month old thinks Ty and I are having late night parties. But we didn’t do any summer camps, we didn’t sign up for VBS, we didn’t do one single story time. And it’s been lovely.

So lovely, that I’ve kind of forgotten that school was starting. I’ve seen the “back to school” signs, the school lists, the desperate memes – but those are for other moms. The school age moms. My dear son isn’t starting kindergarten for another year. All that nonsense doesn’t apply to me.

Except it does. Apparently VPK comes with its own school list (and an appreciated donation of $100). The Fall plans I had made – beach vacations for our family, art classes for myself, mornings when we didn’t have to get out of the house until my youngest sleeping beauty awakes from her crib at 10 a.m. – these plans are slipping through my fingers.

I’m planning a trip to Walmart for school supplies. I’m scheduling carpools. I’m experiencing advance guilt for the days I’m planning on not taking my son to school.

Y’all, I only have one kid in school. I may homeschool out of sheer laziness (but maybe not).

However, I am optimistic that my eldest will do well in his new school. We survived the first round of preschool (barely) and now he knows the ropes and that summer vacation is a real thing and it’s awesome.

This piece of art was inspired by some stylin’ moms at his first preschool. Three totally different but super fun styles. I will say that checking out the drop-off duds of the other moms was really intriguing for me. I identified with the moms in PJs and was fascinated by others whose hair was perfectly coiffed. I mean…how does it always look like that??

I have to say I feel my style is improving, but I have a long way to go. Maybe one day I’ll be wearing real clothes and not PJs when my neighbors stop by. #Goals.