Art and Fashion with Vida Design Studio

I am loving combining my art and fashion with Vida Design Studio. I’ve always been interested in art and now that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I have had more time to focus on different art formats. Fashion has not interested me in the sense that I like to shop, but I do enjoy fashion on other people I mean, I’m a girl.

Now, the most interesting thing has happened to me: I’ve become a fashion designer. Ok, not a designer in the sense that I have any concept of how to create clothing, I don’t even sew (yet), but my art is now wearable fashion. As in, my paintings have become scarves, tops and shawls.

A few months ago, a new company called VIDA Design Studio emailed me (and probably several thousand other artists) asking to partner with me. I have an agreement with VIDA that they will manufacture clothing with my art as the design. I’ve used three abstract art pieces that have been turned in to 15 different clothing items you can now buy online.

Here is the link to my full collection: .

I actually like the “Pink Sister Modal” scarf my mom bought best and it’s only $45. I feel the quality is a little more durable. It also has several colors, including fuschia, aqua, pale yellow and black so it’s a little more eye-catching.

I purchased the Blue Ocean Cashmere Scarf for $80 and I am pretty happy with it. It is wide enough to wear as a pashmina and I actually wore it to church last week tied as a vest thanks to this YouTube video. It’s August, but I had to show it off!  I would have preferred for there to have been more blue in the scarf, so I have submitted a new design for this piece titled “Azure Ocean Cashmere Silk”. It should be available for purchase later today or tomorrow.  This is what you would expect from a typical cashmere silk scarf. Nice, warm but a little delicate. I’m really so glad I was able to combine my art and fashion with Vida Design Studio.

I’m sharing this with you now because I feel comfortable endorsing VIDA as great place to find Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day gifts, etc. They are just beginning to manufacture my fashion pieces, I would allow for about 2 months of leeway if you are purchasing for a time-sensitive event like Christmas. I received my scarf in 7 weeks, but since that was the first run, I believe the turnaround will be quicker from here on out. But it’s still good to be on the safe side.

So what’s the catch?

VIDA is not promoting my fashion designs at this time. When I make 10 sales (only 4 to go!) they will start promoting my designs through social media, their website, etc. I make 10 percent off each sale which may not seem like a lot, but…

  1. It’s more money than my art is making hanging on Ty’s wall at work
  2. I did some research and found that’s a typical percentage for a designer (and hello? It’s not like I’m Valentino or something. I’m an aspiring artist. With no training. And two kids. And a part-time job.)

Here is a quick shot of part of my collection:


Feel free to shop and share with your friends. If you make any purchases, I would really love to hear your honest review of how you feel it turned out. One other cool thing I almost forgot to mention, is the clothing has my name on it. In the bottom corner, you’ll find my signature with the VIDA brand.

So, this is another new adventure for me and we’ll just see where it goes!