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The sneaky way I get my kids to eat vegetables

SmoothieThe boys have gone on a vegetable strike. They must take after me. Fortunately, I’ve figured out two vegetables you can add to a fruit smoothie without affecting that tasty, sweet flavor: spinach and carrots. That’s right, I add a handful of spinach leaves and shred half a carrot into my kids’ smoothies.

Since it’s only 800 gazillion degrees here in sunny Florida, my kids are practically wilting by 11 a.m. This is kind of a problem since it’s too early for lunch, but if I don’t give them something, they’ll melt right on my floor along with the crumbs. So when we get home from the park or some million-mile walk, I make us all a smoothie using our emersion blender.

I stock up on frozen fruit from Aldi each week and just add in whatever I feel like. But first, I shred half a carrot and add a handful of spinach. Top it with fruit of your preference, some ice and water (or apple juice if you are a child) and enjoy!

Blending up veggies isn’t a new concept, but every now and then I forget about it. I tried a smoothie I found on Pinterest a couple months ago, I think it was supposed to be a good detox smoothie. Um, it was disgusting. Too many vegetables, not enough other foods I like. So now, when my kids have hot dogs and tater tots for dinner (cough, which never happens) I don’t feel so guilty because I know they drank a salad with their lunch.

It also works for adults!
It also works for adults!
I don't think he wanted his picture taken.
I don’t think he wanted his picture taken.