Meet Big Brother

BB is pumped about appetizer time.
BB is pumped about appetizer time.

Since I introduced you to Little Brother last week, it seems only right to introduce you to the guy who made me a mom. Big Brother is about 2 and a half, in the 90th percentile for everything and has a surprisingly large vocabulary.

He is hilarious and loves to wrestle with Ty and Little Brother. In fact, he often decks LB right in the face with his knee during their wrestling sessions and it just makes LB laugh more. I am learning not to hover and to only intervene when LB is actually crying or not making a sound from a lack of oxygen. I prayed they would be best friends and I believe God has answered my prayer.

I love how smart BB is and his exuberance for life. Whenever he’s excited about something he takes a lap to gallop around the room. I cherish his simple excitement and joy and I hope his heart will remain this pure forever.

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