Friday is Around the Corner (right??)

Ty worked this past weekend making this week the longest week ever. Every day this week, I have been shocked to discover that it’s not actually Friday. It has to be. It just HAS to be Friday!

Alas, it’s still only Thursday.

I’ve played trains, read books, played swords, blown bubbles, walked miles pushing the stroller, run miles pushing the stroller, changed a zillion diapers, watched plenty of Cat in the Hat, made meals, emptied the dishwasher, made the bed, folded laundry, sorted clothes, mopped the floor, tamed the tantrum, disciplined the tantrum…

And so today was a day at the splash pad. I decided to walk there to kill some time and calories. It’s overĀ 100 degrees here in sunny Orlando, the splash pad is 1.5 miles away and the stroller is about 100 pounds with both children in it, so to say I’m just flat out exhausted is an understatement.

LB - Splash PadTherefore, I really have nothing new to tell you. Or rather, I’m too tired to choose a topic to discuss. So, today seems like a good day to introduce you to Little Brother (LB). Here he is after venturing to the splash pad and being immediately descended upon by three toddler girls. Yes, he’s rockin’ a Captain America swim shirt and that makes me happy because Ty and I are finally seeing the new Avengers movie tomorrow to celebrate Ty’s birthday back in April.

Happy Thursday to you, Friday is just around the corner and I think I’m gonna make it.